Join us tonight and see what the only Full Time Karaoke Bar in Peterborough has to offer. We have 8 amazing private rooms for all occasions and a public stage for everyone to enjoy.

With a kitchen and a fully stocked bar, this makes Tonic Karaoke a perfect place for birthday parties of all ages, bachelor/bachelorette parties, private/corporate events and special occasions. You and your family, group of friends or co-workers can sing your hearts out and enjoy a selection of munchies and drinks in the comfort and privacy of your own room. Please view our food menu for what we have to offer.

Tonic Karaoke is Peterborough’s first karaoke bar establishment located in the heart of downtown Peterborough. Its upscale venue offers a lounge area and eight private karaoke rooms arranging from small to party size. Each room is equipped with its own top of the line and most up to date karaoke equipment, microphones, speakers, flat screen TV’s, and accent lighting.

If you’re looking for something fun, unique and a great time with amazing people and exceptional staff, this is the place to be!



How do I make a reservation?

You can either call us @ 705-874-8588 and leave a message or message us on Facebook. Please be informed our largest room for 14-23 people is very popular. There is a non-refundable 50% deposit required at time of booking.

How long should I book for?

We would recommend a minimum of 2 hours. Any less and you may find yourselves having to leave for the next group just as you’re getting into your stride.

What size groups can you accommodate?

We have 4 different size rooms and a lounge area. However, we welcome larger parties all the time, spread across 2 or more rooms. We also consider full venue hire for large groups. Please call for pricing.

There are a few more/less in our party than expected, what do I do?

Let us know and we will try to accommodate you! Please be aware, however, that our rooms have limits on their capacity and extra guests will not be permitted due to fire regulations. With enough notice, we will try and move you to a smaller or larger room.

How is the bill arranged?

The room rental is paid upfront and the time starts once the patrons are situated. Once inside your room it’s like a table in a restaurant, everything is charged to the room or to patrons running individual tabs. Driver’s license is required to run a tab.

How many songs do you have on your system?

We have over 70,000 songs available. If there’s a song you’re dying to sing and you can’t find it in our song book, message us on Facebook and we’ll try and get it as quickly as possible.

Do you have wheelchair access?

Yes, our venue is accessible to wheelchair users.

Rooms & Rates

  • 1-5 people = $20.00+tax/Hr/Room
  • 6-7 people = $25.00+tax/Hr/Room
  • 8-10 people = $30.00+tax/Hr/Room
  • 11-13 people = $40.00+tax/Hr/Room
  • 14-23 people = $50.00+tax/Hr/Room

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